Nearly The Best Game That I Have Ever Seen

Alright...here's the situation...I'm at the Cards-'Stros game tonight. It's a tight game all around, with Einar Diaz hitting a solo dong to take the lead for the Cardinals in the eight. Afterwards he takes his first ever curtain call. I am there. I am happy. All is right in Cardinal Nation.

Start the top of the ninth. I had never realized this before, but Jason Isringhausen does not have any entrance music. Now, if the movie "Major League" has taught us anything (other than "I wouldn't leave that rum around this crew") it's that a bad ass closer needs a bad ass theme song to jog on to the field to. Something along the lines of Ram Jam's "Black Betty" or Radiohead's "Anyone Can Play Guitar." Izzy? He's got the fucking cap dance playing in the background on the god damn jumbro-tron. Real fucking intimidating.

As you can probably guess, Izzy blows the save. I wasn't exactly schocked, nor was anyone else in the stadium. He is a very good closer, I will give him that, but the Izz is not exactly great..and that's what Cardinal fans expect right now...greatness.

We were heading towards extra innings.

Now, I should probably inform you that I attended the game with three very good buddies. My roommates Matt and Andy (Andy's uncle actually got us the tickets, which were phenomenal) and our buddy Matt.

Both Andy and Buddy Matt are Cubs fans. And while Andy enjoys a good baseball game and knows what's going on, Matt is the prototypical Cubs fan (ie. Used to live in Chicago, Lincoln Park in particular; always had fun getting drunk at the bar that is Wrigley Field, and equates watching a good baseball game to seeing Sammy Sosa hit a dinger and then getting a hummer in the bathroom of Murphy's Bleachers post-game.) So, by the sixth inning it was obvious that he (Matt, not Sammy Sosa, or the slut in the bathroom at Murphy's Bleachers) was ready to leave...two teams, whom he knew absolutely nothing about...entrenched in a pitcher's dual. My heaven. His hell.

Unfortunately for me, he drove us in his car to the stadium. After the end of the tenth, he decided that we needed to leave, claiming that he had a headache. I wasn't happy about leaving while there was still a game being played, per se, but I left willingly anyway since I just had this gut feeling that the Cards weren't going to pull it out.

We went home. He went to his girlfriends (apparently "I have a headache" equals "I want sex".) I ended up with a Bud in my hand and a Camel Light in my mouth as I watched Albert Pujols hit a walkoff homer in the thirteenth inning in what ended up being the Cardinal's second most exciting game of the season (Mulder v. Clemens being easily the best game played so far.)

And I did rejoice after Alberts walkoff, giving my roommate Matt a slightly homo-erotic double-hi-five/chest bump while he was topless, I wish I would have been there at Busch to truly rejoice.

The lesson: I hate Cub fans, their floppy hats, and their fake headaches more than ever.

Fuck the Little Bears. Go Redbirds.

I was at that game too..and even worse, I was with all Cardinals fans and we left in the top of the 13th! We heard Albert's homerun in the car on 55. Very very upsetting.
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