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If I could convert the rage which engulfs me whenever I hear Tim McCarver's voice into raw energy, I would be able to provide power to the majority of the Mid-Atlantic Coast.

Last Friday night I watched a Little League Baseball game announced by Bob Carpenter. On Saturday afternoon I watched another Little League Baseball game, again announced by Bob Carpenter.

Which is sadder: The fact that Bob Carpenter apparently cannot turn down a job... or the fact that I spent my weekend watching 11 year old boys play baseball. I'm opting for the latter on that one.

Just because I can: Bob Horner.

Considering the fact that I'm the guy who wanted the Cardinals to acquire Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar (both now retired) during the off-season, I've been holding this theory to myself for a few weeks, hoping to keep myself from looking like an idiot once again.

However, I did a little research and found out that this time, I might actually be right:
The Cardinals pitching woes can be directly related to the absence of Yadier Molina (and of course by pitching woes, I mean the fact that Matt Morris and Jason Marquis have been relatively struggling as of late.)

Since Yadier Molina went out of the lineup on July 8th:

Matt Morris has 2 wins and 4 losses to go along with 1 no decision. His ERA has gone up from 3.17 to 3.83.

Jason Marquis has gone 1 and 5 with 1 ND. His ERA has jumped from 3.98 to 4.22.

I have never been one to dismiss the effects that the relationship a pitcher has with his catcher (insert gay joke here), be it positive, negative, or non-existent...but it appears that both Morris and Marquis may want young Yadier back sooner than the other hurlers do.

With the ever increasing price of parking and food at the Ballpark (not to mention the $9 big-beers), it's truly amazing what a great idea taking a flask to a Friday night baseball game is.

It's only when you're still hungover on Monday because of that damn flask does it seem like a bad idea

After last weekend's Cubs-Cards series, I have taken away the following synonyms for:
Great - Chris Carpenter
Good - Aramis Ramirez
Okay - Abe Nunez
Average - Jeremy Burnitz
Not so good - Cubs fans tolerance for alcohol (Saturday's two hour rain delay led to Wrigley being at about 2/3 capacity by the end of the sixth. Drunk bastards.)
Just bloody awful - The Kansas City Royals

One more: Dave Kingman

I had never noticed this until I saw this pic, but Rafeal Palmeiro wears #25. Also wearing #25:

Now, I'm not specifically trying to imply anything to group those five names together, but I think you know what I'm saying.

Just something I found kind of interesting.

However, if you happen to wear #25, you might just want to keep your names out of the papers (Troy Glaus, Derrek Lee, Carlos Delgado, Phil Nevin, and Dmitri Young, I'm looking in your general vicinity.)

Allright, If no one else is going to propose this trade, I will.

How about:

Ken Griffey Jr for Jason Marquis and Adam Wainwright. Straight up.

Someone get me the Reds on the phone. Let's make this happen.

I'd like to go ahead and be on record as the first Cardinals fan to apologize to America. The Cards are quickly becoming rather media-whorish.

And not only are we on nearly every fucking nationally televised broadcast every god damn weekend (grouping us in with the beloved company of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs) but we have the audacity to put our AAA Memphis team on the field and hoping that the nation still watches the game.

Looking at the schedule shows that the Cards still have at least three FOX game of the week's left and I would imagine a good four ESPN games, be them Sunday nights or during the week.

On behalf of Cardinals Nation, America...I, for one, apologize.

...more coming later this week...

I wear #25. Granted, it is in soccer, but what the fuck are you trying to say Al? Burt has left the building, gone to be a recruiter.
25 is binary for BALCO.
I heart the 25 theory! There must be something to it --too much of a coincidence.

I've been saying all year that Thome's struggles are from 'roids (rather from not doing 'roids this year).

And I'd rather watch the Cards then the frigging Mets.
Al, what was the name of that movie about two High School hoops stars that we watched in the barracks one day? All I remember was that one of the kids dad got busted buying crack, what a great flick. D
That would be Hoop Dreams, Evelio. A classic movie, indeed.
I think Arthur "Bo" Agee(the crack head) is one of Burt's cousins from the FSSG.
Thanks Al. By the way, Burt just started Recruiting school with "G-Baby" Greene. First it is Mooney (who is a Gy now) and now it is Burt and G-Baby. Please help me. Next thing you know, Griffin is getting commissioned. WTF?
Dmitri's clean. Trust me on this one. He's just big-framed, and always has been... not like Barry; look at him as a rookie. He looked like freakin' Olive Oyl back then!
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