Awards and an Anniversary

Well, it's not quite the Pulitzer that I really deserve, but I have finally been recognized for all of my hard work (hard work = lot's of boozing and looking at girl's boobies on the internet, apparently.)

That's right! The FYC is the Saint Louis Riverfront Times Blog O' The Week! (scroll to the bottom to see the mini-write-up.)

Perhaps this award will atract some new readers. Perhaps not, though. Anyhoo, if you have been directed here from the RFT, I think that you should be made aware of two things:

1) Don't get your hopes up,


2) If you play your cards right, I will e-mail you a picture of me when I was topless and 17 years old (I'm standing on the beach. It's romantic.)

Welcome aboard!

Also, did the RFT really have to use the post where it is apparent that my only concern about Hurricane Katrina was how it would effect Brett Favre's play?

Good lord, I'm an asshole.

Also, today marks the 19th anniversary of "The Mike Laga Game." In recognition, The Phat Phree has published an updated and slightly altered version of my take on Mr. Laga and his "feat."

Please, check it out if you've got the time.

Or don't. What do I care. I am a minor local fucking celebrity! I am as recognozible as the guy who does the afternoon traffic reports on KMOX!

(Sorry, ego trip over. I promise.)

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