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With all due apologies to Mr. Mulgrew, I present you with perhaps the best referal to this site that I have ever witnessed: StL Cardinals Ring Tone.

I'm truely sorry that I couldn't help whomever was on this quest through the internet, but I do wonder what the ideal Cardinals Ring Tone possibly could be.


1)"Celebration" by Kool and The Gang

2)"The Heat is On" by Glenn Frey

3)Any of the following quotes by Mike Shannon:

That's really all I can think of. Let me know if you think I have missed any.


sidenote - this entire post was basically just an excuse to list my favorite Mike Shannon-isms.

At the moment, T-Mobile sells a "Cardinals ringtone" - but believe it or not, it's Wayne Hagin saying "Kiss It Goodbye!"

Well that just flat out reeks.

how about shannon saying this while at shea stadium a few years back... "i wish all you folks back home could see this moon!" dumb cocksucker!
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