Quick Toughts: Weekend Round Up

Summer's dwindlin' down, folks. Get out there and enjoy your weekend! Or stay in and nurse that wicked hangover of yours (Half a bottle of Goldschlager, a four pack of B to the e, six shots of gin with a potato soup and vodka chaser, and 7 Hamms? What were you thinking last night?)

Some things to get you through your day:

Through people I have known, loved, and feared over the years, I have acquired tickets to attend a Cardinals game on Saturday. But, you see, this is no ordinary game. I will not be sitting in my usual spots (ie., either in the bleachers or unbelievably high up in the upper deck.) No sir. I will be in a luxury box, with my nose turned upwards in disgust at the masses below.

Commoners. Degenerates. Ham-and-eggers.

However, there is one problem. The pitching match up: Jeff Suppan v. Steve Traschel.

If Jeff Suppan = Tylenol PM, Steve Traschel might as well = NyQuil.

This is quite a lethal combination. The outcome of this game (which may very well take 7 hours to complete) will likely be determined by which ever team's defense does not literally fall asleep while on the field.

This has "Most Boring Baseball Game Ever Played" written all over it.

Alas, ce la vi.

And, cheers, because I guess I'll just have to drink a shit load of free booze and entertain myself. *sigh*

"C'est la vie," my non-French-speaking ami.
Dang smart Canadians.

Thanks, dude. I did a google search to find the correct spelling, but nothing was out there.

Now we know...and knowings half the battle.
I feel the NBC "The More You Know" jingle music coming on. Shooting stars, anyone?
why does al fritz have an effing website. i just wasted 3 minutes of my life and i'll never get it back. by the way i beat the eff out of that frusion game, i rule.
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