Goodnight, Sweet Princess

With a heavy heart, The FYC says a sad farewell to civil rights icon Rosa Parks, who passed away this evening at the age of 92.

All apologizes to John Carlos and Tommie Smith, but Rosa has always been my favorite figure from the 1960's civil rights movement. Why? Because she was tired...and she wasn't going to give up her seat to some damn cracker-ass-cracker. Right on.

It really sounds like the kind of stance I'd be willing to make. The stance to sit.

Of course, she probably should have been put on Alabama's state quarter, instead she finally gets her due here on The FYC, becoming the third celebrity (along with Rick James, Old Dirty Bastard, and the legendary Gary Wayne Rodgers) to receive an official send off. For some reason, I think that Ms. Parks may be in different company than Rick, Gary, and O.D.B. right now. Just call it a hunch.

And, although she was never too fond of it, Rosa Parks was perhaps most famously (to my generation, at least) immortalized in the all-time great hip-hop recording, Outkast's "Rosa Parks", which was the first rap song which my father would admit was actually quite good. He later went on to admit that he enjoyed Tupac Shakur, for not only his music catalog, but also for his thespian skills in "Above the Rim."

"And with that... (s)he was gone."

I posted this video on Slack LaLane today, but I figured I'd throw it up on here.


You see that yet? Is that you? Did you weep more or less that that?
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