It's Heating Up!

Oh, it's getting hot on my website, but not in my house. Unfortunately, the tension running on the comments section to yesterday's post aren't able to warm up my home, which is suffering from an ill-working furnace and has left me very, very cold. (And, for the record, I like Canadians. Especially if they are bearded.)

In other news, my favorite week of the year has arrived. Thanksgiving Week!

Why is the week so beloved? Easy. There's wine, sports, beer, food, whiskey, strippers, more wine, and even more wine to be enjoyed over these next 9 days! You can't loose.

I'll be traveling up to Peoria on Sunday to do some dry-walling (the actual carpentry kind, not the metaphor for having sex while still wearing your clothes) at my parents house and staying up there all week to earn a little extra cash. Which I will need for my buddy Tito's bachelor party on Saturday. Should be top times.

So you won't be hearing from me this week. Sad, yes, but you'll survive.

If you are struggling to kill time at the office, the following are my substitutes:

For tomfoolery: Jason Mulgrew
For shenanigans: Slack LaLane
Sports: Deadspin
Cardinals: Viva El Birdos
Humor: The Phat Phree or McSweeneys

And with that, I'm gone.

Have a good Thanksgiving week everyone! And go ILLINI!

I went to Peoria once. I was totally sure I was going to get shot.
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