Stupid sports.

This is normally an extremely relaxing time of the year for me. The baseball season has ended and the College Basketball season has yet to heat up, leaving me with a nice little calm period to drink wine, look forward to T-Giving, and yell obscenities at people who don't buy me drinks on Veteran's Day.

Generally, November is the one month of the year where I can sit back and really not care about what's going on in the sports world.

But this year, my sports "down time" is non-existent. Why? Because this year the sports world is effing ridiculous. How in the hell could I not pay attention.

These are a few stories which have heated up in the last week or so:

Clearly, the sports world hates me and wants me to continue focusing my attention on whether or not Mike Piazza will play for Italy in the upcoming Baseball World Classic instead of...I don't know...doing something I actually need to do to, like find a job.

Although, Buster Olney just reported that Wally Joyner used steroids while he was playing baseball. I'll probably go ahead and spend the next two hours cruising the information highway to find out whether or not the Peoria Chiefs will keep ol' Wally World's number retired.

Stupid sports.

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