Where's Your God Now? Oh...There He Is!

Thirteen years.

Thirteen long years.

During my childhood and adolescent years, I spent thirteen years and a lot of my parent's money being edu-ma-cated in Catholic schools.

K through 12.

Every now and then, I wonder if my schooling really made a difference in what kind of man I am today (for better or for worse.) Generally, whenever these questions arise, there is no definite answer. Today, however, things are different.

Thanks to the rather large network of friends who happen to be Catholic which I have accumulated over the years, it has been brought to my attention that November the 15th is celebrated throughout the Roman Catholic Church as Albert the Great Day.

Also occurring this year on Nov. 15: The National League Most Valuable Player award winner is announced. And this generation's "Albert the Great" is lined up nicely to win that award.

And a Nov 15th celebration date isn't the only thing these two legends have in common. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a case for fate:

St. Albert the Great (d. 1280 AD)

Known as the "teacher of everything there is to know."

Mentor of St. Thomas Aquinas

Studied under the Dominicans

Bishop of Regensberg

Albert Pujols (b. 1980 AD)

Know as the best hitter in baseball and student of everything there is to know

Mentor of St. Yadier Molina

Actually is Dominican

Cardinal of St. Louis

The best part of being Catholic? Fish frys. The second best part? Beer busts with the men's club. Third best part? Knowing crap like this. Thanks Sr. Mary Gene!

So that basically seals the award up for Albert, right? Well, don't be too surprised if Satan [or as you might call him, Barry L. Bonds (the L stands for Lucifer, I think.)] somehow tricks the baseball writers into voting for him.

Damn slippery Satan!


On a different note, I've been hearing rumors that Cardinals radio broadcaster Wayne Hagin will be let go and replaced by John "Don't Call Me Principal Edward" Rooney, formally of the White Sox later today.

Just thought you should know.


Have a good weekend everyone. And if you know a veteran, make sure you tell them thanks for their service and buy them a drink (especially if that veteran happens to be me. I'll be at The Famous Bar on Saturday night and I'll be thirsty.)

Hey man, you can have fish-frys and beer without all the dogma of Roman Catholocism. Works for me.
Ahh yes but then he wouldn't have that information on Albert the Great :)

I am Catholic too - I love that little bit of info you got. Definitely agree - with all the similarites that has to be a LOCK for "our" Albert the Great to get the MVP :)

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