Fox Hat? Elf You.

Just because my Cousin Jeremy sent me this, and he finds it to be the funniest thing ever, I give it to you: The Fox Hat

Also, doesn't the guy in the ad look like a Conan O'Brien "If They Mated" of Tim Robbins and Greg Kinnear?

I find it mildly amusing. You may, too.


For a funnier (in my opinion) clip, check out the great Alec Baldwin skewing his classic character "Blake" from Glengarry Glen Ross in last week's SNL. If you have never seen the movie before (shame on you) the skit will probably make absolutely no sense what-so-ever. If you have seen it (good job), "elf you."

"I got here on a talking moose...THAT'S MY NAME."

Many thanks as always to Ace from Slack LaLane for bringing that one to my attention.


The debate continues on the smoking ban. Drop your two cents in there if you haven't already. I'm really digging the debate. Me thinks "Weekend Debate" may catch on around here. Deal?


Off to an Iron & Wine & Calexico concert tonight down at Mississippi Nights.

I saw Calexico open up for Wilco last Fall and they were pretty damn good.

But it's long time FYC favorite Iron & Wine that I'm pretty pumped to see. As long as they're not handing out pillows at the door (Iron & Wine makes me sleepy. And romantic.) it should be a good show.

Till next time, kids.

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