Hi-Five! Thoughts

Sorry for the prolonged absence...Holiday's, ya know?

1) The FYC is nominated for Sports Humor Blog of the Year over at The Red Reporter. Head on over there and cast your vote if you're so inclined. I voted for Joe Sports Fan, but whatever. I'm already satisfied knowing that I already have the same amount of votes as the geniuses over at Yard Work.

2) There's a blog out there which has always tickled my fancy, but for whatever reason, I have never pimped it on this here little waste of bandwidth: The Krimilian. I got the link from the aforementioned Joe Sports Fan, and I'm still not really sure what the overall "scene" of the site is, but it has generally always left me throroughly entertained.

3) For all of you St. Louisians who may be interested in it, tonight marks the continuation of my Thursday Night Drinking Society (TNDS) Winter 2K5-2K6 Tour.

Tonight's stop will be at Cousin Hugo's on Laclede Station. This is the fourth stop on an ongoing tour of the Saint Louis area's finest shady hole-in-the-wall bars. Previously, stops have been made at The Tin Can Tavern and Grill, Trueman Place's, and Riley's Pub.

If you are interested in joining the tour, and possess a hardy attitude and are privy to libations, grandstanding, and horseplay, come on out and meet us. I'll be the guy in the Cardinals sweatshirt and California Angles hat. Let me warn you, I presently do not have what most consider a "voice" so don't expect any sort of conversation.

Or do expect one and get your hopes dashed. Maybe that's your bag. And who the hell am I to rain on your parade?

4) I was excited to make up some of those year end FYC-zeis awards, but I haven't gotten around to do it yet, and I'm going to be traveling up to Peoria in the next few days for my Uncle's funeral (more on that later....maybe) so the awards are on the proverbial back burner for now. Sorry.

5) Year end round up of the best articles over at The Phat Phree. Head on over there to voice your displeasure for the lack of articles by yours truly (or, maybe I could just write funnier articles) and also send out a vicious "boo-hiss" for my personal favorite article from the past year, Ben Lambert's "All Hail the Smoothie King," not making the list.


I'll get back to you all sometime early next year.

Have a safe, happy, and festive New Years Eve...and no matter how drunk you get off of Champagne toasts and jungle juice, remember to pull out, dude.

Nobody needs babies in '06.

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