Weekend Debate (Hangover Edition)

First and foremost: I feel like butt. Way too many pints of Blue Moon last night. But, that is what Thursdays are for. Drinking. Thursday night is far and away the best night of the week for going out. It doesn't have the pressure to be cool like a Friday or Saturday night does. Just grab some friends, head to the nearest bar, and let the good times roll.

(note to StLer's - Riley's Pub on Arsenal is a fantastic little place. Free pizza from 8-9. Free jukebox. $2.75 Pints. Good times, great oldies.)

So if you want a serious debate, go chime in on last Friday's edition. Because I'm hungover and laying in bed for the day, we're keeping this weekend's debate light and breezy.

Here's what I want to know from you, the loyal and good looking FYC reader: What's your favorite breakfast?

I was a cereal man for a long time, but sometime in the last four years I've melted into a champion for omelets. Preferably with cheddar and tomatoes. And a slice of honeydew (the money melon) on the side. And lots of coffee.

That's my meal. What's yours?

Steak Egg And Cheese Bagel from McDonalds. Hands down.

Also, you're laying in bed at 2 in the afternoon? Good luck with all that.

Nothing beats a cheese omelet ala Ace. Give me some tools, and I'll whip you up somethin' good.

Also, bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good.
Yes. A bacon sandwich is my absolute favorite lunch.

Wait a second...aren't you jewish, ace?

Can you guys eat pigs?
My favorite breakfast would be scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.
Reilly's rules. And you, sir, are the bill simmons of the cardinals blogoverse.

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My normal meal: Plain oatmeal...it doesn't challenge me before work.
scrambled eggs, sausage (preferably patties), hashbrowns, and flapjacks.

holy crap, that sounds really good right now.
Ok, so I technically missed the "Weekend" part of the debate, but being that I'm a huge fan of breakfast in general, I have to chime in here. I don't know that I could pick an all time favorite, just because often times it varies by what I'm in the mood for, but it's hard to beat the simple sausage and eggs with a pile of syrup sponges (aka pancakes). Bacon's great, but the two slices most places hand out is just not enough, so might as well go with the sausage.

As for specific tastes, sometimes a good pile of gravy with some biscuits underneath really hits the spot. Or in terms of fast food, I've always liked the sausage & egg biscuit at Hardees or the sausage & egg "Croissan'wich" at Burger King, although I always hate ordering it because I feel like an idiot saying the word "Croissan'wich". I don't live anywhere near a BK now, or I'd totally be trying the new Enormous Omelet Sandwich. Speaking of omelets, I used to go to this place out in Bridgeton called Tony's that makes omelets with 8-10 eggs a piece, and then serves 3 pancakes on the side as well. I only ate the whole omelet on my own once, but the guy next to me at the counter couldn't believe it. That was a proud breakfast moment for me. For the record, I technically didn't finish the pancakes, but I did get about half-way through and decided I might want to have one more meal later that day, so I stopped.

Oh man, I might have to stop at Denny's for dinner...

So where was I... oh yes, McD's has some good breakfast sandwiches, but I don't like their hashbrown option. The giant hashbrown "slice", as it were, seems to soak up way too much grease, which I normally have a high tolerance for, but when it's boiling hot and oozing out of the hashbrown, burning me or staining my clothes, that's not acceptable.

Sonic's got some good breakfast "toaster" sandwiches, which are nice for 2 reasons - their huge, and they're served 24hrs a day. At first I didn't really like the tots, but considering they're one of the only places to get breakfast after 10:30am, I've had to eat there quite a bit, and over time I've grown to appreciate the tots.

Finally, anybody who went to UIUC knows Merry Ann's... The famous Diner Stack is hash browns, 2 eggs, a burger patty (substitute sausage for the love of god), a slice of cheese, and an optional biscuit, all covered in gravy to the point that you can't see anything underneath. The idea is to just dig in and enjoy each bite in all it's unique breakfast grabbag glory.

Well, I've clearly written enough (too much?) for now, but maybe later I'll come back and rank some cereals or something.
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