Weekend Debate (Pride?)

Well, I kind of signed out for the next five days or so with my last post, but immediately following I noticed I had received my 18,000 visitor to this here information superhighway rag. So, whomever you were in Cape Girardeau, MO that clicked on the link from CardNilly (my favorite Cardinals blog) at 4:30 yesterday, thanks for coming over, and happy milestone kiddo.

If I had balloons to drop from your ceiling, they'd be dropping right now.

Although, I am proud of all of which I have accomplished over these here Internets (a few awards, an insightful, educated, and attractive following, and a few more things which are being held by my waistside for the time being) my family has no idea that I have been acting as a (bad) fake sports-writer for the last few months.

I am not getting paid for it, and I do not expect to make a living from it at any time throughout my existence, but for the last few months, I have had the privilege to do what I love to do for a living while waiting to find real work.

This is what leads me to my question of the weekend:

What is the greatest accomplishment which you have ever achieved, yet not shared it with others for fear of embarrassment?

For example, I have neither told my family that I have been writing articles for a popular webzine for the last few month's, nor have I ever told them that I was awarded a rather high award during my time in the Marine Corps, simply because I don't like boasting about my own accomplishments.

If someone was to talk about my greatness, I would make no attempt to stop them, since it would probably get me laid (and not by the usual assortment of Asian transvestites which have been ringing my doorbell for the last few weeks. Again, I appreciate it, Steve, but enough is enough.) but it's not something I would do on my own.

While my parents do know that I finished second in the Pinewood Derby at St. Phils in 1987, and that I have the ability to peel an orange in one smooth move (leaving the peel completely intact...Probably my coolest talent) they do not know that I once saved a man's life while rappelling in California. Some things just don't get brought up during Easter Brunch.

So what have ya' done?

Beaten Super Mario Brothers Two?

Made a slinky go down fifteen consecutive stairs?

Finished the Century Club in only 50 minutes?

There's got to be something cool out there that you are proud of, but you couldn't imagine anyone else giving two shits about. What is it?

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