Weekend Roundup

Good debate concerning government implemented smoking bans over the weekend, people.

I'm still against the man telling me when/where I can light up if I want to, but if a restaurant/bar workers union (and/or patrons, even) were to organize a protest/strike in order to have their respective restaurant owners curtail smoking in their establishments, I would completely and totally support them.

(Man alive, there sure were a bunch of /'s in that sentence/paragraph, huh?)

That's my decision. Don't like it? Too bad.


RIP Wilma Eckert. Loving wife, accomplished softball player, noted Bingo-er, and staunch Ray King hater.

Best obit I've seen in quite some time. Redbird Nation will miss ya, Wilma.


The FYC wishes a fond farewell to Richard Pryor, who passed away Saturday at the age of 65.

I had perhaps more in common with Pryor than I did with any other celebrity. We were both born in raised in Peoria, Illinois. As children, we both lived in brothels operated by our Grandmothers. Ummm...we were both married multiple times. And, we both lit ourselves on fire while free-basing cocaine. We were both black men. We both have daughters named Rain.

Alright, so besides being from Peoria, we didn't really have anything in common. Whatever.

As far as I am concerned, Pryor is the funniest comedian who ever performed. Turning pain and rage into comedic genius, nothing was off limits. Tremendous, tremendous man.

Also, Superman III was awesome.

Later, Richard.

I love that obit, too. Smart lady, that Wilma.
As for Pryor, there will never be another one like him. Even the funniest of the funny guys bowed to him, much like Clapton did to Stevie Ray.
I couldn't help but think that most of these people who are for the banning of smoking are probably against the patriot act. Tell me I'm wrong. I guess everybody has there prioties when it come to civil liberties.
And yes I can't spell for shit
My brother sent me the obit and I posted excerpts on my blog.

Pryor will be missed.
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