I'll Leave You With This

Since Will over at Deadspin had to unleash "Sweet Shaun Alexander" (yes, set in tune to "Sweet Home Alabama") upon the sports blog-o-whatever, I figure I should counter him with this song, the worst sports tribute song of all time.

Generally, I try to embrace anything and everything pro-Cardinals, but a Busch Stadium tribute song set to that stupid Five For Fighting/Disney Credit Card commercial is too much.

"Its '82 ...for a moment...Ozzie and the Birds are ready to play...Whitey Ball everyday...Celebration on our minds."

Honestly, I love the Cardinals and I loved old Busch Stadium more than any man should ever love a building, but this song literally makes me want to vomit.

Thank the Lord I never heard this during last season because I would have found whomever wrote it and killed them.

Killed them dead.

And with that, I'm gone...

"being a Cardinal fan" and "embarrassment" are two terms I almost never see together (well, except when I'm at Wrigley during a Cards' weekend and I see a guy in a McGwire jersey loudly proclaiming the greatness of the "1983" World Champs) but this song, I fear, will bring those terms together over and over and over again until it can somehow be expunged from this planet. God save us.
Obviously, no one heard the Murphy Lee song from the 2004 pep rally on the riverfront. The one with the Stevie Wonder beat. Man, just....I don't know.
I would have been much happier, having never heard that song. Damn you Alexander Fritz....damn you to hell.
Hey, "100 Years" is a really well-writen song, on the par of "Walking in Memphis"
That picture of Sam "Awesome Teeth" Cassell is great.
Alex, please come back, just to get this monstrosity off of the top post!
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