Injury McProne - Looks like DJ the Gardener from "The OC"
Also looks like that Luis Guzman guy.
And Teddy Bruschi.
More groin/hernia/knee surgeries than
JD Drew.
All Midwest Soccer, '97.

Alex Fritz - Big moron.
Thinks Mr Met is the best mascot ever.
Tender, giving lover.
Is me.

Gulia - May or may not have a belly button.
Surprisingly good at "Tiger Woods 2004."

Lionel Hutz - SIU School of Law alum.
Once hospitalized after drinking gin and
potato soup.
Speaks in the third person.
Peoria Area All Metro Soccer, '97

That's the cast. This is going to be a rough few days to get through. I honestly can not hold a thought in my head for longer than three seconds without stopping to think about the beach.

"Yeah, boo-fuckin'-hoo, Al, ya bastard. Must be rough," You're probably thinking. "Getting ready to go down and be pampered in the sun, while I'm up here freezing my ass of and working. I feel real fucking bad for 'ya."

Well good. You should.

(Have a nice weekend. See you Monday.)

That looks like a fantastic lineup.

Remember, rum + pineapple juice is your friend.
Rum + Pinneaple, eh? I'll give it a whirl.

I'm definitly going to do it up with some mojitos, and I've been into whiskey + ginger ale as of late, and of course there's always my old stand by, The Al Fritz.

But other than that, I'm not too daring in my drink selections (of course there are always rum+cokes and vodka+tonics.) Anyone got an ideas for me?

Something sweet...but not too sweet...
Tequila...Mezcal...someone in that entourage has got to come back to the states with worm matter between their choppers. It just has to be. I put my money on the leggy blonde. Have fun you bastard. BTW - What's the Al Fritz recipe?
Prarie Fire:
1 shot tequila, 1 shot tobasco.
The Al Fritz:

(in a cocktail glass)
3 shots Captain Morgan
Fill with Sprite and stir.

Tastes like happy.
I second the rum & pineapple juice. So tropical.
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