Quick Thoughts, 1/9/06

I just want to put this on the table...Mike Laga is four years younger than current New York Mets First Baseman Julio Franco. Do with that information what you will.

After watching the Max Baer v. Joe Louis boxing match on ESPN Classic Friday night, I wonder two things:

1. Is boxing the coolest, or what?
2. If the early 1900's brought us nicknames like Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown for an amputee and "The Brown Bomber" for a black boxer, is today's society missing sweet nicknames simply because of political correctness? Shouldn't Bobby Jenks be nicknamed "Cracker McThrowsFast" or Antonio Alfonseca be known as "That Fat Ass Dominican With Too Many Fucking Fingers. The Damn Freak?"

As am optimist, I hope everyday that something good will come out of the ongoing War in Iraq.

As a hater, I think everyday that it was one of the dumbest invasions of all time and I can't wait for it to be over.

As a realist, however, I know that it will lead to at least one good thing: A remake of First Blood.
One of the best popcorn flicks of all time, it is also one remake which would not only be easy to make, but also timely. Basically, John J. Rambo is a returning Iraqi veteran instead of a Vietnam vet. The rest of the movie will be exactly the same as the original.

The only remaining question is who would play Brian Dennehy's character "Sheriff Teasle."
You're first pick would probably be the still living Brian Dennehy. That pick, however, would be a bad one. Brian Dennehy couldn't even play Brian Dennehy if his life depended on it, and hasn't be able to since Cocktail. (What's that? He wasn't in Cocktail? The guy I'm thinking of was little known bad-ass Ron Dean? You mean the same Ron Dean who played Emilio Esteve's dad in The Breakfast Club? Well then...nevermind.)

Anyhoo, Brian Dennehy's character should be played by Paul Gleason. And Chris Cooper should be in the movie, too, just because he creeps me out a whole hell of a lot.

If you're in a giving mood this beautiful day, head on over to The Phat Phree and give me some generous votes and/or comments for the updated Will Clark article.

Donde esta me love? Muy appreciante! Discotequa! (I'm going to Mexico next week and I've been brushing up on my spanglish. Notice?)

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