Thursday Night Drinking Society (TNDS) Invitation, 1/5/06

Dear St Louis,

The official Winter 2K5-2K6 Thursday Night Drinking Society (TNDS) Tour continues on 1/5/2006 at Pat's Bar & Grill on Oakland Ave.

For all of you Illini faithful, The University of Illinois will also be starting their Big Ten Conference Scheduele at 8 O'Clock, tipping off against the Spartans of Michigan State. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2...and will probably be the only thing which I will be paying attention to until 10 or so.

This is the fourth stop on an ongoing tour of the Saint Louis area's finest shady hole-in-the-wall bars. Previously, stops have been made at The Tin Can Tavern and Grill, Trueman's Place, Riley's Pub, and Cousin Hugo's. The tour will continue throughout the upcoming season, until the vernal equinox, at which point it will probably mollify into a Beer Garden Aficionado Society.

And just for the record; at each stop thus far, good times and ribaldry have won in straight sets.

Send this e-mail along to whomever you may seem fit, as long as they possess a hardy attitude and are privy to libations, grandstanding, and horseplay.

Remember, on Thursday, January 5th, Pat's is the place to be, at around, let's say, 8:00-ish.

Also, I am no longer on any medications, so you need not fear being assaulted by some creepy guy who may or may not have crapped his pants.

Good day.

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