Quick Thoughts From Post Gras

Mardi Gras was essentially all that was expected of it. A whole lot of booze, a few boobies, and debauchery abound.

Of course, the highlight of the night was watching my former roommate (and pseudo-super responsible grown man) Injury McProne be blackout drunk and fall over (as if he was a tree which had been chopped down) at 11:30 in the morning.

His fall was followed up by me yelling at my buddy Damon (who was dressed as some sort gay newspaper writer from the 1950's) "Hey Damon! Get a quote!"

Damon proceeded to get an exclusive scoop with the creepy-morning drunk, "Hi, Damon R., Newsly Times...can I get a quote?"

To which Injury McProne responded, with his eyes closed, in-and-out of consciousness, "No reporters!" And threw a punch at Damon. Luckily, the punch took about five seconds to move from McProne's side to where Damon's head had previously been, and he was not injured (I'm pretty sure Damon actually finished about three beers by the time McProne's punch would have landed.)

The day was pretty much downhill from there. We walked down to party central around noon and by two I was seriously sick of the crowds. If you want to get a feeling for what it's like in the middle of everything, get 20,000 of your closest friends together and have them all bump into you, continuously, for an hour. And try to drink a beer while doing it. It kind of sucks.

The crowd this year was reportedly a little larger than last years, but it certainly did not seem that way. Most people down there thought it was near the same, if not less, amount of people as last year. This year's crowd, however, did not seem to be as much of a "fun" crowd.

By 3 o'clock, I had had my fill of drunken rednecks and made my way back to Dennis Quaid's apartment, the crowd seemed to be in an aggressive, "angry drunk" stage. Not fun.

So, I think Gras 2K6 may have been it for me. I am not opposed to doing a pre-gras party in the years to come, but I've had it with the main Russell Street scene.

Drunken rednecks, guys so incredibly lame that they need to push people in order to take cell-phone pics of boobies (if you're a guy and you don't already see boobs on a regular basis, being the type of guy who takes pictures of flashers with your cell phone camera may very well be part of the problem), and just too many effing people...I've had enough.

No mas.
Four new Cardinal blogs out there to make a note of:

1) The Cardinal Rule
2) Redbird Ramblings
3) Cards Fan Chicago
4) Redbirds Fun

Let's hope all you guys can live up to the high marks that the old Redbird Nation, Viva El Birdos, Cardnilly, Get Up Baby, The Birdwatch, and so many others have done in the past and to this day continue to deliver.

Seriously, Cardinal Nation has some tremendous bloggers out there.

I'm proud of you guys.
To all you Cathoholics out there, remember we're entering one of the best seasons of the year...Fish Fry Season (also known as Lent by the clergy)!

Don't eat meat on tomorrow (Ash Wed) or on Fridays for the next two months and avoid burning in hell.

Quick math equation: (fried fish + canned beer) x heaven = Can't lose situation!

Lent...It's what's for dinner!

I actually deleted Cardinal Rule to re-start from the ground up. It should be back up by the end of the day though, and I'll re-invite you as a poster.
Thanks for the luck.
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