Hey, Crabman!

After two long and humbling weeks, our national crisis is over. NBC is no longer hijacking our Thursday evenings with a slew 80-pound "women" twirling around on the ice or with fat-ass "athletes" playing what is essentially shuffleboard on ice (don't get me wrong - I think curling is awesome - but, I'm not sure if it really needs to be considered an Olympic sport. Why not darts? Maybe Golden Tee?)

No, were back to the good stuff on Thursday nights - My Name is Earl>The Office. It's been so long that I can't really remember what exactly happened last on The Office. Was it Michael in New York (Scranton on acid) for Valentines day? Me thinks so. Every episode of My Name is Earl is essentially a mini-movie, so even if you don't know what happened in the previous episode, it's still pretty easy to follow along.

(By the way, how did I go this long without realizing that Crabman is the same guy from those unbelievably racist "Rubberband Man" Office Max commercials?)

Happy Days are here again. (No, not those happy days, figurative ones. Although, I wouldn't mind Tom Bosley showing up somewhere.)

You may have noticed that in the Earl episode where Giovani Ribisi leads them to try to steal the copy machine Crabman strolls down the office isle with a cart of office supplies directly mocking the Rubberband Man commercials.
I LOVED those Rubberband Man mershes...

Racist? Maybe. Awesome? Oh yeah.
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