Some random Monday last summer, as I was getting ready for a sand volleyball game, my teammate and fellow reformed-fake-hippie Dana was discussing the Trey Anastasio concert which she had recently attended. She mentioned that the best part of the show was the opening act: a white, bearded, rapping Orthodox-Jew.

"Silly oxy-cotin lovin' Trey," I thought to myself, "Up to his old tricks again." I'm not entirely sure why, but for the last nine months, I have retained the knowledge that Dana once saw a rapping Ortho-Jew, and he was, in fact, good. Some things stick with me, I guess.

Fast forward to this morning. I'm chilling with a cup of Joe, watching some CNN, trying to edu-ma-cate myself, and all of a sudden a big bearded jew was rappin' on CNN. And he was pretty freaking good. His name...Matisyahu.

(For the record, I know how lame it is that I am finding out about new music from CN-freaking-N. I refuse to watch either MTV or Vh1 and I don't listen to the radio in my car so I learn about new music from two sources: 1) Conan O'Brien and 2) People e-mailing me telling me to check out so-or-so. Somehow, he had slid past my radar.)

Anyway, I was grooving during his clips on CNN and his reggae hook was livid. His interview, however, sold me on him. He mentioned that Eve had asked to collaborate with him, but he had to turn her down because "there is a Jewish law stating that a man cannot hear the singing of any woman except his wife." Which I'm pretty sure was his way of saying "Yeah, I'd love to do a track with you, Eve... Psyche. You stink. Nice sitcom, too. Double psyche."

So this afternoon, I swung by the Best Buy and picked up a copy of his albulm Youth. I'm through it twice, and in my best Tony the Tiger, I'd like to declare Matisyahu "Grrrrrr-reat!"

As I sit here now, sipping on a Red Stripe, I realize that what our horrible music industry needs these days isn't just more reggae infused hip-hop (because when that's done poorly, it's vomit inducing. re: Shaggy) but more smart, talented individuals making music their way; and not just in the tired formula of loud, bad beats and lyrics about jewelry and bitches.

And if they happen to be Orthodox-Jew...well, that's just peachy.

Matisyahu is definitely a refreshing sound in the music industry. I think most people are intrigued because of the combination Orthadox Jew and reggae music. But they are pleasently surprised with his lyrics and style.
Don't worry I only heard of him a few months ago and I'm Jewish. Shit usually travels super fast in our cirle. "Did you here my little boobala made a record. He is so talented". "Did you hear Ruth's son is making it big in the music industry." Well you get the point.
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I don't really like matisyahu that much. i think he benefits from the novelty of being an orthodox jew white boy playing reggae. but i guess it could just be because i don't dig reggae that much. and yes i am a random person you've never met or heard of in your life.
I had the chance to see him but did not go since it was during March Madness.
Yeah, if you don't like reggae, chances are you wouldn't like him.

I don't know if he really benefits from essentially being himself -- Is he super popular or something? Again, I don't watch MTV or listen to FM radio (those people made Fred Durst famous. They're evil) so I really don't know.
he's certainly popular enough to get MTV/rolling stone/etc attention. if you like the music for the music by god that's great (and most of the stuff you've mentioned on here i thought "wow, this fellow like good music") but i don't like the people who are hopping on a bandwagon because they think it's cultured or worldly or cool or something.
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