Quick Thoughts: The Madness

The main story of the week, of course, will be the Bradley Braves magical run into the Sweet Sixteen. I don't want to get too into it right now (I'll be providing three more tidbits on the Braves for Deadspin this week, as well as an article for The Phat Phree) but I do want to put this in print right now:

Bradley University will beat Memphis Thursday night.

Book it.
Big thanks to the only two organizations which acknowledged the beauty of me predicting both Braves victories over the weekend: Deadspin and Joe Sports Fan.

Those two sites remain two of the three places on the Internet where I go for my sports information (the other being the always steady Sports Frog.)

(Krmil also gave me some love on the call, but I don't consider that a sports site as much as I consider it a "most random shit ever" site.)

Also, it should be noted that ESPN's Sportscenter's "preview" of the Kansas-Bradley game on Friday morning featured three tidbits on the Jayhawks and they never once even said the word "Bradley." I am amazed that nobody at the worldwide leader saw this one coming (at least nobody except the dog food eating Woody Paige.) A young, sloppy, yet athletic team going up against an athletic, deep team who has had the same roster for the last two years? Come on...The Braves were THE hottest team coming into the tourney. Pay attention, people.

The lesson, as always: ESPN sucks.
Between the Bradley call, predicting Reggie Sanders would hit a home run in the fifth inning of Game 1 of the NLDS, and also calling Sanders breaking his body during the NLCS, I am slowly becoming a prognosticator of prognosticators (to quote "Groundhog Day.")

If only I wouldn't have wiffed on that Matt Morris throwing a no-hitter on his last start at Busch Stadium, I'd have quite the record.
One last note of significance concerning the Braves. I talked to Dan from The Kentucky Democrat earlier this evening and he mentioned that they would not be showing the Bradley game in his locale Thursday night. Apparently some mid-major named Duke (they're in the under-appreciated Atlantic Coast Conference and are a small, private school located somewhere in North Carolina) are playing at the same time, and their game takes precedent.

I'd just like to let everyone know that all Bradley games are streamed on the Braves local station, WMBD.

If you can't catch the game on CBS (or even if you can, but want to hit the mute button because the announcers are still mispronouncing the Bradley players names...it's O'Bryant, not "O'Rourke" and Somerville, not "Summers") do yourself a favor and check it out.

You won't be sorry when you hear the beauty which is Bradley color man Joe Stowell.

The man is tremendous.
See you all tomorrow...

Both Bradley and George Mason gave a big middle finger to those dopes Jim Nantz and Billy "I'm Mr. Knowitall" Packer, and I couldn't be happier. Go Braves, and Go Patriots.
Thanks for the shout-out and Go Braves
I gave you some major props on my site. It was well deserved.
All this predicting, its a wonder you haven't found anyone to pay you for your hard earned labor. get a job freeeloader!
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