Sad Weekend

With a heavy heart, The FYC wishes the very best to TLF's roommate Jack E, as she has lost a loved one. Jack E's goldfish, Blink E passed away during the night, after a long and fruitfull life of nearly dying every week and eating fishy flakes.

Blink E is survived by her (his?) bowl-mate, Little Dave Timpone.

Little Dave Timpone has seen a lot of death in his (again, her?) lifetime. During this year's Super Bowl, LDT and his school were dropped into his namesake's pirhanna tank. LDT was the last of a dozen to make it, and was rescued by the ladies in attendance. A bit of a rough life for a goldfish, no?

Poor some liquor out for Blink E this weekend, folks.

Good night, sweet prince.

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