So Long, Simo-Man

Via Viva El Birdos:

"Former Cardinal Jason Simontacchi had his recently signed contract with the Cubs voided by the team. The Cubs' team doctor, Dr. James Andrews, found no tears in the shoulder of Simontacchi last month. But the Cubs decided to delay the team physical until this past week. News that the contract was voided just surfaced this week so the reason may be unrelated to Simmontacchi's shoulder surgery that caused him to miss all of 2005. "

Looks like it will be one more year of futility on the North Side. No way do the Cubs reverse their curse without the Simo-Man.

What were Jim Hendry and the boys thinking this time?

At least he still gets a chance to play for the Itialian team in the WBC. One would think, at least.

He, at least, played italian ball once.
The problem was Simo's arm was fine. All Cubs starters must have arm problems.

Why do you think Dusty lets Carlos Zambrano throw so damn many pitches? He's trying to make Carlos' shoulder go "SNAP!"

or "POP!" or "TEAR!". Whatever works really.
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