Ah, yes... April 20th. Birthday of Barney Gumbel and Adolph Hitler, National High Five Day (this year, at least), and the well celebrated "Hippie New Year." Quite the day, no?

As a reformed fake hippie, I always feel a little reminisceful when April 20th rolls around on the calendar. This year marks the eighth anniversary of of my High School's Senior Skip Day, a day where us jerk-asses piled into our cars and drove out to my parents lake for an afternoon full of fishing, smoking, and beer drinking. And although the beer bongs from that glorious afternoon cloud my memory up a little, I distinctly remember my buddy Chris' intense desire to smoke a bowl on the boat in the middle of the lake at exactly 4:20. The man had goals, I must admit.

The best part of that April 20th was showing up at my mother's 7pm Cursillo mass three sheets to the wind. I sat down next to my now brother-in-law (he had been dating my sister for about six months at that point) and he leaned over to me and whispered "you seriously reek of beer and smoke. Are you drunk?"

"Man," I retorted, "we're Catholic -- half of the guys in here are drunk."

Ahhh... Childhood.

But I'm not on this ol' laptop here to talk about the past.

So far today, I have received three different text messages (one from my buddy SamE who I had not heard from in over 18 months... I guess this is how we keep in touch now) containing the following:

This is a cellular blunt so don't fuck up the rotation.
Keep this shit moving til the whole world hits it.
Happy 420!"

Now, I must say that I do find this message mildly amusing, mostly because I don't really smoke pot (aside from Lionel Hutz's bachelor party, I have not toked since fall of '04) yet I'm pretty sure people assume I do; and also because, with the unbelievable strides which telecommunications have made in the last decade or so, this is what we, america's young adults are using it for: "Cellular Blunts."


[Have a super happy fun weekend everybody. Sorry about the lack of posting around these parts as of late, but my life is excrutiatingly boring and, trust me, you don't want to hear about it. If you simply are just dieing to read my crap, just simply head on over to the Daily Redbird. Gracias.]

Also of note - 4/20 is the 7th anniversary of the Columbine massacre. Hard to believe that little gem was 7 years ago, eh?
Too funny...Though I am a bit behind on my reading I have to admit that was a good one. Cellular blunts...if only it worked!
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