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Today marks my first endeavor with The Daily Redbird. It's a new/reprise site put together thru InsideStL, featuring Josh Bacott and Pat Imig of Joe Sportsfan, Jason Major of The Krimil, Matt Sebek of InStL and, of course, myself.

We will be updating 2 to 3 times everyday, so I hope you will flip the dial and tune on in over there every now and then. Please, check it out. We shall not disappoint (the link will stay up there to your left from here on out.)

Have a good weekend everybody... I've got to ride my bike for 13.1 miles Sunday Morn to cheer on The Lady Friend while she runs a half-marathon. If that wasn't enough, we have a wedding the night before and it's not like I can go to a wedding and not get ass-bombed, so if you live in the StL and smell a mix of whiskey, Marlboros, and reception-hall chicken breast on Sunday morning, that's coming from me, peddling away on the ol' Gary Fisher.

No doubt I will either be dead or whiney come Monday and I'll want to vent here on these fine Internets (hopefully the latter.)

[Don't forget, it's the first Cards-Cubs series of the year this weekend. Should be fun.]

I usually ride my bike for 13.1 feet before getting tired. I don't even have a bike.
i'm really glad I'm playing you in fantasy at a point when Pujols is so cold.
how'd that Cubs series go?
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"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize the state of Missouri."