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Saturday's game recap.

[At this time I would like to apologize to longtime reader and Canadian JTL who feels that I slighted the Detroit Tigers by not placing their uniform as one of the six best in baseball. I will say this -- The Tigers have the best hat in MLB. It's top notch. However, Kevin Costner being a Tiger in "For Love of the Game" essentially ruined the Detroit uniform for me... perhaps forever. That movie blew.]


Thanks for the kind words re: the Cap. I've always liked how their home and away caps are very nearly identical, except for the colour of the "D" on it.

But hey, if we're talking about cheesy movies involving people wearing the Olde English D, how could you forget the made-for-TV "Tigertown" starring Roy Scheider? Perhaps the only redeeming feature of this schmaltzfest is the copious scenes showing off the late, great Tiger Stadium.

PS: Great article about Pujols in this week's SI. I think I'm going to use that freeze-frame picture sequence in the physics classes I teach.
One of my cousins is a Cards fan (as am I, hence being a reader of this blog), but has a Tigers hat because he grew up watching Magnum P.I.
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