The Cardinals as The Simpsons

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my opus.

I have never had more fun writing an article than I had with this:

By the way, I am completely and totally in love with Jose Albert Pujols. In fact, I think I want to have his baby. And I last I checked, I am not exactly fertile. But that would not ever stop him from impregneting me... the man's on a hotter streak than Kevin Federline.

Good lord.

Hands down the greatest hitter any of us has ever seen.

Appreciate it while you can.


That was great, but how Edmonds isn't Smithers, I'll never know.
Awesome. How about Mark McGwire as Rainer Wolfcastle, Sir Sidney as Comic Book Guy, or Ozzie Smith as...well, Ozzie Smith?

"When poochie leaves the room, everyone should ask, 'Where's poochie?'"
Hahaha. I did this last year in my fantasy league, then realized it had been done numerous times before. Sucks. I swear, if you leave out a Phil Hartman character on the next portion, you are dead to me.
Thank you for resisting the urge to make Juan Encarnacion into the Bumblebee man
Juan as Lenny is awesome.

Yeah, went to the game yesterday and sat 3 rows behind the green seats right behind home plate. Effin' ridiculous.

Kind of weird, the umpire clenches his cheeks every time Miles comes to bat.
thanks for mentioning rex hudler. now you have me all pissed off, al. i hate that guy. i have to watch angels games on mute.
good article. its good to see your simpsons knowledge has finally paid off.
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