God damn mother fucking bitch ass shit eating cock smocking fucking dog shit eating clit nibbling dick smoking faggoty ass mother fucking Chicago worst fucking city in the world couldnt fit more illegals in there with a shoe horn you fucking Chicano-ass red bull drinking black pants wearing "oh! we have a beach" well, yeah but your beach sucks nice waves jackass i miss Emerald Isle and real fucking beaches i'd rather walk naked in the middle of the Dan Ryan than swim in that fucking 'lake" of yours you painted on fucking striped shirts and your come spend $400 on a night out while at bad clubs eating average food and drinking average drinks and listening to the worst fucking music scene on the planet (you're in the midwest you --like me-- are mediocre. get over it) fucking date rapists frat membering butt sex having douche bags we are and if you want it you got John fucking Mabry's long face and Carlos Zambrano's Dexedrin addiction bitch ass fake ass hippies turn 26 and become fake ass yuppies get your own identity ChicagO! I hate you.

Sorry, that was just sittin' on the top of my head, waiting to bust out.

[this guy should draw some good google searches, no?]

Serenity now!
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"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize the state of Missouri."