Fritz, That's Too!

Honestly, of all the people I have ever known from Cali... not a single person ever told me about this place? Come on left coasters!

And I gotta tell you, I have no idea why a Gentlemen's Club would be named "Fritz That's Too." Odd to very odd wordage choice.

It's got to be the hottest of hot spots in Anaheim though, right?

[thanks julia]

i live in anaheim and i was looking to find out what the heck Fritz That's Too meant. good luck in your search
The name is a play, sort of, on the sister club, "Fritz That's It" located in Bellflower, CA.
Fritz That's It was the original, a SoCal icon for at least 25 years that, sadly, closed in 2008 when the landowner died and his heirs decided to double the lease. Fritz' owner chose closing over extortion and the building has been vacant ever since. Everybody loses.
Fritz That's It girls were much better looking than Fritz Too's, although Fritz Too had better food.
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