Frustration Is:

A) Forgetting your ID when you're out on a booze run.
B) Sitting in traffic.
C) A scratched up DVD.
D) Watching Jason Isringhausen pitch in the 9th inning of a close ballgame.
E) Getting a bad ass apartment that you're absolutely fucking crazy about and then finding out that a couch can't fit through the doorway.

That's one lonely coleman camping chair, right there.

Any advice out there for me? My living room is emptier than Bill Self's soul.

(Just kidding. Bill Self has no soul.)

Don't fret lonely coleman camping chair. I'd sit in you any day.
Levels man, levels.
A futon, maybe?
A futon? That was my suggestion... The Lady ain't going for it, though. Too "low brow" if you will. Not even a nice wood framed futon would please her sophisticated palate, she says.

I say whatever, get me a Busch.

Anyway... Levels? Interesting.

"Yeah, I'm getting rid of all my furniture. All of it. And I'm going to build these different levels, with steps, and it'll all be carpeted with a lot of pillows. You know, like ancient Egypt."
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