A Sunday Without Regret is a Wasted Saturday Night

I sure am glad I drank until 6 in the morning and got so (taguchi) fucking bombed last night. Great decision making, Al.

Oh, Tyler Fucking Johnson, what a hangover.

In other, better, news -- I have power again.

So suck it long and suck it hard Ameren. Ya'll bitches can't hold me down. (and thanks for all your hard work.)

And don't forget:

Lounge, Mozzy. Lounge.

Just so you know, I Tyler Johnson myself everytime I see my name on your website. So, you can imagine what I do when I see a picture of myself.

Loungin' til six in the morning was a fantastic move. I also found your beer jug.

And FYI, don't see "Clerks 2". Even in the state of hungover AND high, I only laughed about 4 times. Fuckin' terrible.

What's the difference between a mallard witha cold and Al Fritz?
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