To Get Your Week Started Off Right

Here's a picture of former bear-turned-ottoman Mike Singletary getting ready to pleasure himself.

Eh... whatever.

Gah! Move Mike Singletary! I can't see any of the goods.
This is a rated R blog, not skina-blog. That's one strategically placed bear.

Mozzy, why did you guys/girls keep trying to contact me until like 12:30 last night?

You know my ass has gots to get paid once that sun goes down.
Well i can tell you that alcohol was involved. We wanted you to come over to Felix's cause Lambert was in town and hanging out. and much hilarity ensued.

And me and lambert had a dance party at my house til about 3:15. C&C music factory was in full effect.
Sounds about right. I got a text at around 1 from erin saying "whad up dyke."

I responded "Nothing much, lesbian."

Still waiting to hear back from her.

House party Saturday night?

(and yes, I love making plans/ having corresponces via blog.)
chatting via blog...we truly are in the 21st century.....and lazy.

dogtown house parties are really making a comeback. i say we keep it going. fuck it...block party.

Over The Line/Washers/Drink Your Self to Death/ 2 Year Anniversary of Picking Up Larry Walker Party it is on Saturday, Augest the 5th.

Yes, it is.
Wow. what a day. I think the only way that day would be better is if the cardinals COULD ACTUALLY PLAY LIKE A MAJOR LEAGUE TEAM AND NOT LIKE THE FUCKING CLEVELAND INDIANS FROM THE HIT COMEDY "MAJOR LEAUGE".


i'm picturing a chris duncan, tyler johnson,and ronnie belliard sitting in Mike Shannon's restaurant with Tyler Johnson wearing a chest exposing leather vest with a tie complaining that he "looks like a banker."
The cards bullpen ='s a bad baseball movie:

A guy who was too fat and got released by his old team-> Josh Hancock

A washed up closer -> Braden Looper

A washed up closer v.2.0 -> Izzy

A guy w/ an uneffective rocket arm -> Jorge Sosa

A cocky young buck -> Adam Wainwright

A fiery redhead -> Brad Thompson

A piece of dog doo w/ nice facial hair -> Flores

A nice, quiet guy -> Kinney

A meathead who cums all over fat bitches -> Tyler Johnson

How could they lose?
Lets make a sitcom where these guys are all room mates and they keep getting into tiffs over mundane shit. For example:

Tyler Johnson comes home after a night of cumming in fat bitches hair only to open the cupboard to find that SOMEONE ate his last fruit roll-up AND they put the empty box back in the fucking cupboard. Needless to say, he is none too pleased. So he goes in the family room to find Looper and Sosa playing "Dig Dug" on nintendo, when he notices Sosa has a piece of roll-up stuck to his chin.

Well, i don't want to ruin it, but I think we all know what this can lead to.
hilarity insues.

Make it happen.
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