You know what's sad? Seeing that Ken Griffey Jr is in his 18th season in the majors makes me feel old. Really old. When I was 9, his 1989 Upper Deck card was the absolute epitome of cool. That and the Frank Thomas 1991 Upper Deck remain the two greatest baseball cards of my childhood.

18 years later, he’s still playing baseball and I’m just some jackass that makes bad wisecracks and borderline racially offensive jokes on the Internets and happens to drinks too much.

Way to go, Al. Nice life.

But... You know what's not sad? The Cardinals 13-1 manhandeling of the Reds last night.

But you know what is sad? Your baby puppy, Mr. Spraybutter McSillybritches, being killed by the barehands of one Adolph Hitler.

[What? Too soon?]


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