Monday Afternoon Readin'

Man, Notre Dame looked bad on Saturday. That was painful to watch.

Public Service Announcement: Also, if you are a parent and want to take a Sunday trip out to the wineries, leave your fucking obnoxious offspring at home. All they're going to do is ruin the atmosphere for everyone else there, asshole.

more later...

Yeah, I was going to tell you sorry for the "limpness" Saturday's loss might have brought to you.

I have to say in my household it was a joyous occassion because we are Michigan fans. (And now you can officially hate me.)

No matter what please beat MSU this weekend or there will be problems.
Nobody likes Michigan State. Mainly because of Paul Davis and his massive elbows.

The ND-MSU '02 match is still one of the greatest moments of my life. Stupid Spartans.
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