Three things have been bothering me for quite some time, and I could probably find out the answers to all three of them on wikipedia in about five minutes, but instead I like to ponder them as if they're unanswerable Ray Mysterios of the universe:

1) How do people in China use a computer? What do their keyboards look like?

2) Can blind people type? On a typewriter?

3) Do people who were born deaf have an inner monologue? What does it sound like?

Sorry, I just needed to throw those out there...

3) They have closed captioning.
re: 1)

there ya go
I've always wondered if a blind person takes LSD, would they see things or just think they see things?

On a totally serious note, deaf kids who receive auditory-verbal/oral intervention early on can develop an inner monologue. However, my Deaf friends tell me they dream in pictures most of the time. That's two mysteries of the universe solved..
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