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The Top-5 Rainouts of All-Time

5. July 9, 1989 – A skinny ballplayer already on his way to his second season with 40+ stolen bases in three years, Tony Gwynn discovered the novelty candy “Fun Dip” during a three hour rain delay against the Pittsburgh Pirates. By the end of the season, Gwynn had ballooned to 245 pounds due entirely to Fun Dip and Dad’s Rootbeer.

4. August 13, 1992 – Chicago Cubs rain delay. WGN shows an episode of “Charles in Charge” in which Jamie Powell gave me a boner. I was twelve at the time, so it’s not creepy or anything.

3. Early Summer, 2006 – I can’t remember the exact day, but the Cards had a lengthy rain delay earlier this summer and KTRS ran an earlier taped segment which featured Mike Shannon getting absolutely bombed and carrying on with a crew of other former players. It was some of the funniest radio I have ever heard. Although, really, that’s not saying all that much.

2. Somewhere, 1989 – Ray Peterson, Mark Rumsfield, Ricky Butler, and Art are unable to find incriminating evidence as to whether or not their new neighbors, the Klopeks, are indeed murderers when a downpour keeps them from rummaging through the Klopek’s trash.

(And I stand firmly behind my claim that “The Burbs” is the funniest movie not titled “The Jerk” ever made.)

1. October 11, 2006 – Cardinals v. Mets, Game 1 NLCS: Bumping the whole damn series back by one day, Chris Carpenter can now throw games 2 and 6 instead of 3 and 7. Game 6, if it gets that far, will be far more critical than game 7 as the Cards will either be up 3 to 2, or down 3 to 2 – it’s either a clincher or an elimination game. Either way, it's best to have your best pitcher start it.

And luckily for the Cards, their best pitcher is also the best pitcher still playing baseball.

Now, play ball! All of this waiting around in Boooooring.

Art: "Hey...aaa...Ray. Wanna go down to the deli and get one of them beef sandwiches?"
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