Internet Playoff Tickets: A Battle For Good v. Evil

Once, as an idyllic teenager, I believed not only in the inherent goodness of the human race, but in the community integrity of America. While playing the role of Military cop, I quickly learned that when people are pushed back against the rope, they will turn on each other with the ferocity of a hungry wolf.

People are not good by nature. They are hungry, scared, and angry. Brutal.

Since then, I have seen the kindness that Americana can provide, the type of life and passion for others that Kerouac could ramble on about for dozens of pages, but those moments have been few and far between. When driving home for the final time from North Carolina, my car broke down in Appalachia. I got help from strangers, but it defiantly cost me more than it should have. Inherent goodness mixed with capitalism; the new American century.

I thought this weekend while waiting at baggage claim at the airport that the baggage carousel is truly the last bastion of hope for integrity in America. In reality, anyone could walk into baggage claim and probably take any and all bags that they see. But it never happens. Why? I have no idea.

So with those thoughts of integrity and honesty still fresh in my mind, I bought two tickets to Sunday’s NLCS Game Four. Bleachers, good seats. The rub? The guy who has them lives in Cali and is mailing them. I live in The Lou and am mailing my check.

The thought of doing anything worthy of monetary transfer on the Internet worries me. The lack of accountability and the prolific use of fake names concerns me to no end. That is the reason why I use my real name. I feel that people should be responsible for their own words and published thoughts, no matter how sophomoric they may be. If you used your own name, you would be more inclined to NOT write dumb ass shit. I know that this is not a viable option for all, but it is for me and I like to think it is what keeps me honest.

Anyhoo, I hope that my faith in buying tickets through this dude in Cali is rewarded. I spoke to him on the phone, he seemed on the up and up, so let’s hope he comes through. His address is also from a rather swanky region in San Fran, so either he has made his money scamming fly-over-staters like me, or he is just trying to pass his tickets off to some good, Cards loving fans.

Let’s hope it’s the latter.


i suspect he is the real deal because he gave you his actual phone # and address, but i dont know much about these things.
have a good time at the game,
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