Keys To Game Three

For the Cardinals to win Game Three, they must concentrate on four things:

  1. Get to Nate Robertson early. His last long lay off start was post All-Star break, when he had a ten game layoff and gave up six runs over 6 & 2/3 innings.
  2. Somehow get Todd Jones into the game. If I was a Tigers fan, I probably would have framed him for arson by now, just to keep him from closing out games.
  3. Let Juan Enc and P-Dub have a game off. Both of them have looked horrendous both at the plate and in the field the last two games. Let Speeeeze and So get a start. Or wait until game 4 and let J-Rod and Duncan tee off against Bonderman.
  4. To win the game, they must vanquish fear. To defeat fear, they must....

Wrestle Cousin Mose to the ground!

Okay, you don’t have to wrestle... Just get in the coffin.


Mose: "He seemed nice."
Dwight: "Where are the animals?"
"Roller Coaster" sure did give us a scare in Game 2. But, he's been oddly effective so far this year, so I'll actually trust him should Leyland use him again.

Whoops! Back to the game!
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