Carlos Mencia is the Man You Hate the Most

You kept it close, Interwebs, but Carlos Mencia has officially won the title of The FYC's least favorite person, beating out Michael Rapaport by a total of 27 to 23.

What does Carlos Mencia win for his adventures in sucktitude? A poorly built catamaran* and the top place on The FYC's Ten People Liked the Least list. Let's update The List, shall we?

The FYC's Ten People Liked the Least:
10. Bill Self
9. Magilla Gorilla
8. William Faulkner
7. William H. Seward
6. Sali Berisha
5. Matthew Lesko
4. Wilhelm von Homburg
3. Santa Claus
2. Michael Rapaport
1. Carlos Mencia

The lessons? A) Nobody likes a guy whose real name is Ned, but goes by Carlos; and B) Nobody likes a guy who steals jokes from George Lopez (mainly because George Lopez isn't funny, either. But also because it ain't cool to steal. Unless mail fraud is somehow involved.)

*Catamaran not included

I'd like to place my vote that I hate Bill Self more than William H. Seward.

Nowhere close to my loathing for Rapaport or Mencia, though.

Is 'suck' the same thing as 'hate'? I voted for Rapaport because I thought he sucked more than Mencia.

Based upon hate, Mencia would've gotten my vote. So, Mencia still wins...just curious about the way the question was asked...

Now, wrestle Cousin Mose to the ground!
Hell, I don't know. Linguistics was never my bag. As long as we can agree that those two blow, I'm happy.
I have to say I hate both of those people severely, but I also think a fight to the death between them would be a pretty damn good fight, and leave me thinking something like, "That Carlos Mencia sucks, but he sure went out swinging, even after his retina detatched. Props."
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