Holy God Shit

I was planning on throwing up some pics from last weekend's parade/rally (thanks again for the tix, Cathy!), but fucking blogger ate them, and I'm not going through the process of uploading them again (what do you think I do for a living? Write blog posts all day?), so you don't get to see them.

My frustrations with Blogger, coincided with the fact that VH1 Classic just played Phil Collins' "Don't Lose My Number" for the fourth night in a row (switch it up, guys!) has left me marinating in my office in a stew of Diet Coke and curse words.

And it was during my string of profanities that I let lose one of my favorite curses, and it's one that I had not used in quite some time: "Holy God Shit."

It's something that I once said on accident (I was going for a "holy dog shit" -- very similar to the time I said "Put that in your Pope and smike it!"), but it got such a reaction out of my uber-religious buddy OG that I hung on to it, mainly just to piss him off as much as possible. OG was a guy who actually waited 'til he was married to have sex (on purpose!) and he had an unbelievably creepy mustache, so my use of "Holy God Shit" was warranted. How? I don't know. But it was.

Anyway, that's my favorite curse... What's yours?

[have a great weekend, comrades. if you need me, i'll be drinking for charity.]

Jesus Fucking Christ!
Jesus titty fucking christ!
you gotta be fistfucking me?
Hunk of fuck!
Bull Hell!
I like Josh's. Why haven't I heard that one before? It's getting added to the arsenal.
damnit josh, you took mine
Goddamnsonofabitchingmotherfuckingshit. Real fast.
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