Quick Thoughts for a Thursday During THE LONGEST FREAKING WEEK OF MY LIFE

The Lady Friend and I were out doing a little Christmas shopping on Sunday night when we stumbled across what may very well end up being the greatest invention ever made: Drinko.

You guessed it: Plinko + Shots = Drinko.

Tyler Durden Mozzy and some friends are hosting a party at a lake house in Litchfield, IL (a town which I have long been absolutely infatuated with. Exit 52 on I-55, it's easily the best interstate exit west of the Appalachians and East of the Mississippi. The best exit in all off America, you ask? I-95, VA exit 130, simply for the WaWa there. It's fucking phenomonal.) this Saturday and drinko will most certainly be put to the litmus test.

And since Price is Right games combined with alcohol aren't nearly exciting enough on their own, I'm in the beginning stages of figuring out a way to incorporate the completely legal aspect of gambling into it.

So, hopefully Sunday morning, as we guide the Honda back southbound on 55, I will be sans hangover, pocket full of cash, happiest man in the world. Of course, chances are at about 2 in the morning, I'll yell "You'll probably get really confused and end up bidding 'Hot Dog'" stumble out into the cold, pass out, get raped by a bear, and die instead, and I won't even live to see Sunday morning.


Today is the much fabled “Great American Smokeout,” a day where American (cigarette) smokers are encouraged to quit smoking. In high school, we always found this day hysterical, mainly because to us, the term “smokeout” was only used if you wanted to describe being super high.

And while I no longer smoke (unless you’re offering), I still find the term “The Great American Smokeout” strangely hilarious. I sent an e-mail to my faux cousin Jeremy earlier this week to remind him to get high today and we ended up wondering why in the hell some anti-cigarette smokers would name their anti-smoking day something which is so pro-pot smoking.

His hypothesis:

“It had to have been done on purpose. I think some stoners decided they wouldnt have a cig one day, but would just get extremely powered instead. I imagine it went something like this:

Dude: Hey man, Im not going to have a cigarette all day today.
Dude's Buddy: So you're going to quit smoking?
Dude: Nope....Im just going to take one day off....I'll get extremely powered instead....all day long.... I'll call it the great american smokeout.
Dude's Buddy: Good idea, man....I wonder if it will ever catch on?
Dude: Who cares? Pass me the Randy's.

And so the Great American Smokeout came to be.”

Is anyone else beginning to get the sneaking suspicion that e-vites are beginning to take over their lives? I have no less than eight e-vites floating around for future events right now. I got an e-vite from my sister to have dinner this weekend. Is that really necessary? Couldn't just do a simple phone call? No?

Actually, it’s pretty much nothing more than another outlet for me to say mildly inappropriate things on, so in all honesty I love them to death and send them out whenever I can as well.

Again, whateves.

Just wanted to put it in print: Kansas lost, at home, to Oral Freaking Roberts last night. And Illinois played minus their two best guards and best forward and won by 21. It's early in the year, I know, but I just like saying this whenever possible: Bruce Weber is now 2-0, The Fraud That Is Bill Self is 1-1.

Suck it, Self.

Also, Walking Recruiting Violation Kelvin Sampson and his Indiana Hoosiers lost to Butler earlier this week. Enjoy your one year of Eric Gordon and years of probation his recruitment brought you, IU fans. And get ready for more losses to Butler under "Coach" Sampson.

Finally, the school that I almost went to (Bradley) played the school that I actually did got to (SIUE -- Inexplicably playing a D-I school during the regular season) and won, but Southern Evil played them respectably, huzzah moral victories!

I love college basketball.

If this week doesn't end soon, I may very well kill somebody.

Or drink a bottle of wine.

Either or, really.

I, too, have been pondering the consuming world of evites. I have 6 in my e-mail. (I am so fucking popular).
And what is with the phenomenon of people referencing Gallo in every e-vite created. I admit I am guilty of it too. I don't even remember it, I just posted my reply and looked it over and all of the sudden, Gallo was all over it.
I bet even your sister mentioned him in the dinner evite. Like, "Dinner this friday....and don't bring that dirty fucking italian, Gallo!"
Couldn't agree more about the Litchfield exit. They have a Wendy's, which is more than enough as it is, plus if you are sharing a ride north with someone who lives in Illinois, it's a perfect meeting place because you can simply leave your car at that Holiday Inn.

God I love Wendy's.
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