Vote Yes on Amendment Eddie Money

It's November 7th, 2006. Time for you to go stand around a bunch of octogenarians that smell like grandma's couch and pretend that your pointless punching of a button could possibly make a difference in this imposingly large, complicated existence of ours. Well, if that doesn't entice you to go to the polls, how about this:

If you promise to vote, I'll let you watch this Eddie Money video. Or, conversely, if you don't go vote, I will make you watch this Eddie Money video:

Democracy and "Walk On Water": Makin' 'Merica great since 1805.

[Update - Two things I learned while voting this morning:

  1. Poll workers do not find jokes equating voting Libertarian to "just throwing your vote away" even remotely funny.
  2. I can still jump and slap a regulation backboard. Poll workers don't like it when you do that, either.

Now get out there and be somebody!]

I swear that they put my ballot through a shredder just as soon as I finished voting. Did they have one of those machines where you were?
I used the electronic system, in all of it's Windows 95 like OS glory. Actually, I'm pretty sure when I finished voting it just transfered my "ballot" into it's own recycle bin (which would explain all of the "whirrrrring" noises it was making), but, yeah they had shredders set up in the gym for the paper ballots, too.

All in all, a rather shady looking operation.
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