"Mighty fine cereal flakes, Mrs. McDonough!"

If you need me this weekend, The Lady Friend and I can be found in Phoenix, AZ, attending our first stop on the many weddings we our obliged (and delighted!) to attend in ’07, and (hopefully) working on that threesome and/or Suns game.

But I will leave you with this article about a Bears fan who was crying during their game last week. I’m posting it for two reasons: 1) It’s hilarious, and 2) I went to high school with the guy in the article, and that makes it even funnier to me (and the fact that they mention his "Ahitow-Lacher" Bears jersey in the article just completely throws it over the top).

I find it all well and fine to cry during important sporting events (The Lady Friend was as shocked that I didn’t cry after the Cardinals won the World Series -- The fact of the matter is I couldn’t believe it just happened, and still can’t really -– as I was), but this was only a second round playoff game. That’s like crying when your team wins the NLDS.

Sure, it may happen, but would you admit it to a newspaper? Hopefully you would, because it’s fucking hilarious.

My only gripe is that he did not just come right out with it and say "The Chicago Bears... they are light of my life. Are you surprised at my tears, sir? Strong men also cry... Strong men also cry."

[have a great weekend, everyone. enjoy your championship sunday -- even though i don’t have a horse in this here race -- it’s still one of my favorite days of the year. just makes me want to sit on the couch and hold a pennant which reads: "sports."]


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