Boy, That Escalated Quickly

This story is all too quickly spiraling out of control. It went from being a car accident during one of the worst winter storms Cham-bana had seen in years; to a DUI where Jamar somehow drove over a mile when his car looked like it was totaled, then ran inside of his apartment and freaked out because he thought Carlwell was dead. So he left him in the passenger seat of his wrecked car, in the parking lot, during a blizzard. And someone else, completely unrelated to the accident, were the ones who called the cops after they noticed a 6’11” “dead dude” sitting inside of a wrecked car.

Next week, when it’s released that Smith and Carlwell were not, in fact, “drinking beer and tequila with some girls” before their accident, they were “shooting heroin, fucking goats, and sport killing the homeless in Rantoul with flaming tridents,” I, for one, will not be surprised.

It just goes to show you: Never trust a Peorian.


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