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1)This new blogger is horrible. Not only will it no longer let me post from work -- my firewalls label just about anything on the www2. as "sex" and although I normally pay no attention to these bans (I spend most of my night on fantasy sports, anyway), I'm not risking playing around in the "sex" category; so FYC posting may be a little odd from now on -- but it's taking fucking forever to load. (When the firewall label of "sex" first came up I thought it said "sexy" and I said to myself "Damn right! Sexiest blog on the interbays!" Then I realized it said "sex" and I thought "They have sex on the internet now?")

Anyway, I'm going to try to write future posts the day before and post 'em up before leaving for work (In fact, that's how I am doing this post; let us see how it works!) or, buy that DeLorean, hit the switches to two days ago, gun it to 88, and never switch over to the new blogger at all. That would be much cooler.

Another problem with the new blahger -- posting pictures is a mind numbingly tedious process. I smoked no less than 15 camels, ran through a liter of Beam, and kicked two separate puppies on three non-consecutive occasions this morning trying to upload what brings us to number two:

b) Starting tomorrow, I’ll be commencing a new feature on The FYC... Cartoons!

This is actually the reason I picked up a scanner a few weeks ago; From 7th grade of junior high through my senior year of high school I used to pencil up a daily cartoon known as “Al’s Dud O’ The Day.” Those cartoons are curently housed by Al Fritz historian Dennis Quaid, but I'm hoping to throw a few out here sometime soon.

Drawing new ones -- specifically St Louis Baseball Cardinals-centric ones -- is something which I have been itching to start back up, especially with yet another hilarious baseball season getting ready to commence.

So, tomorrow begins the cartoons. But, be warned: I am a horrible drawer. Since I started drawing them when I was 13, I have made no attempt to improve. None. So, they look like they're drawn by a 7th grader. Plus, I pay absolutely no attention to proportions, I have no clue how to draw feet, I just, in general, suck; but I feel the overall craptitude of the pencilings are what give them that authentic “Al Fritz” feeling.

You know that feeling: Half-assed.

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