Kyle Orton Does Have a Beard!

It's a short week here at The FYC, as I need to head up to Peoria for a funeral, but I will leave you with this, something which I didn't think I'd ever say with any sort of conviction:

Go Bears.

What could possibly make me want to cheer for the Bears? The bliss and elation that a Chicago championship would bring to my many near and dear friends who are Bears fans? Nope, those jerks can suck it. It's this guy:

If this dude, Kyle Orton -- this drunken, 20-something vagrant, looking seamlessly like a man on a drift, slumming it up around Australia for a few years -- can somehow earn a Superbowl ring while inexplicably skating by and staying on the Bears roster... well, then, Goddamn it, there's hope for all of us.

[have a great superbowl weekend, everybody. don't get any chili in your neck beard.]


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