Oh Boy

Tony La Russa, DUI?

[update] "High as a kite, everyone... Goofballs!"

Found passed out at a red light. How did he keep his foot on the brake? Did he just throw it in park and take a snooze?

And now the debate should become... What is Tony's drink of choice. Like any good wop, I'm sure he enjoys drinking a chewy red wine out of a tiny glass, but I could see him knocking back one or eight martinis as well.

Or, as Jim suggested, does he go to the keggers and chase skirts with the Dunc and TJ? Maybe this is all part of his new, tattoo-ed, bad-boy image?

Was he on a Del Taco run when this happened?


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Is it true?

If so, then he needs to stop partying with Trophy-humper and TJ.
BAC of .093?

I'd have to say it was more of a matter of getting up too early than staying out too late.

How many people do you know that are his age that can saty up to 4am? I don't think that Heff could even do it.

He was probably on his way to the early-bird breakfast special at Bob Evans.
Staying out til 4 on a school night, mind you!

He was probably on medication, too. I'm going to go ahead and say it was pot. Or acid.

Seriously, if you pass out at .09, you may want to either quit drinking or make sure you remember your purse next time you go out.
Somewhere out there, Sid Ponson is pissed. Just imagine if this had happened last year while he was on the roster.
<Homer>Mmmmm.... Del Taco.</Homer>
Tony, you lightweight you.
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