St Madness Weekend

A few notes, in non-killing bullet form:

  • Good to see the Big Ten go 3-0. I know it's kind of chic to kick the Big Ten this year -- that aside from Wisconsin and OSU, it's just a bunch of shitty teams. I can see why some would come to that conclusion (stupidity), but the Big Ten is not a bad conference.

    It’s a different conference, to be sure. And it sure as shit ain’t pretties (much like this sentence). Here's the dealie-yo (kids still saying that?): there is surprisingly very little turnover in the Big Ten (hell, Brian Cook and Frankie Williams were both at Illinois for over nine years and Mateen Cleaves was at Michigan State for twelve) -– with the exception of a group of five guys who got together in Ann Arbor fifteen years ago (which, if I remember correctly, never actually happened) and this year’s tOSU squad, freshman dominated teams rarely make waves in the Big Ten –- which means that these guys don’t just play each other two or three times a year; by the time they’re seniors, they’ve played against the same guys upwards of ten times, they know everything about everyone of their moves. Hence, lots of D, lot's of 53-48 scores. It isn’t pretty, but it isn’t bad either. It’s just different.

    And I will now stop defending my retarded little brother of a conference.

  • Best text of the day, from Jason Major: “Are you telling me Bradley couldn’t have lost to Louisville by 304?” Exactly. Thanks for showing up, tree nerds.

  • Biggest complaint of the day: I don’t know exactly what the mainstream sports media’s real job is, but next year, if there is a team that is an eleven seed who is playing a struggling six seed, and this eleven seed also happens to play some of the most intense up your ass defense in the country... could you guys maybe do a little work and tell us about this eleven seed before the tourney? The only thing I knew about VCU is that Bradley thumped them in the Bracket Busters (at VCU). So, "how good could they be?" I thought to myself.

    Good enough to beat Duke, obviously. And it may have fucked up one finger of my bracket, but I don’t care. Duke lost, God smiles.

    Also, VCU to the Sweet Sixteen. You heard me.

  • Sixteen more games today, eight more Saturday, eight more Sunday. Oh, and a big ass party in my neighborhood Saturday as well. This is already high in the running for best weekend of the year. Unfuckingbelievable. I'm too excited to keep typin

  • [have a great weekend, everybody. tune in next week to see pics of me dressed as an old-timey irish cop, beating ethnics.]

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    i very much enjoyed duke getting their asses kicked as well...luckily i only had them winning one game, so it doesn't hurt me at all. especially since everyone and their brother picked them to go on. VCU is my new favorite team.
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