Still Feel Old, If Not Gone

In the things that make me feel older than a 26 year old really should feel category, one of my favorite albums of all time was recorded fifteen years ago from tomorrow. My buddy Zach turned me on to Uncle Tupelo in early '02, if I recall correctly, and I immediately dug into their entire catalog with reckless abandon. And while I do love me some No Depression, Anodyne, and Still Feel Gone, it is March 16-20, 1992 which, to me, stands out as Tupelo's defining statement; and one of the most important albums in all of the Americana-folk-alt-country-whatever-the-hell-the-hippies-are-calling-it-now-whiskey-drinking-music genre.

While my childhood becomes more and more antiquated by the week [with my listening to baseball on a scratchy AM radio, riding around in giant station wagons and non-mini-vans, pedaling my Huffy to watch awesome movies at a theatre which hasn't existed in so long that if it were a person, it's ghost would be at the age of consent (now that doesn't make a lick of sense), and remembering how cool (if not worthless) my first cell phone was (fuck, even that was twelve years ago!)]; I had long been holding out hope that at least my music was still cool.

And to me, it is still cool, however, knowing that Tom Cochrane's "Life is a Highway" was a huge hit while this album was being recorded, well, it depresses me, just a little.

And so, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sip some Beam and listen to some Tupelo.

Good day, sir.


Come on, Al... NO DEPRESSION!
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